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Get an activity for an organization

GET api/V3/{language}/org/{orgIdentifier}/activities/{id}


Request Information

URI Parameters

language (string)

Language in which the localizable values should be returned. Part of base url. Value is either 'fr' or 'en'

orgIdentifier (string)

Amilia-specific organization identifier. This identifier can be either the organization number, such as 8008, or the organization URL identifier. You can find that by looking at the URL of your Amilia store. It may look like lower-case words separated by a dash, such as forest-explorers. Note that in v2 and v1 we call that the 'rewrite URL'.

id (integer)

Activity id

showTaxes (boolean)

Default value is False


Body Parameters


Response Information

Resource Description

Tags ()

Object containing the id and name of a tag. Tags are used to group and retrieve activities, such as 'morning' or 'George Smith'

Description (string)

Description of the activity that will be visible to your customers in your store

Prerequisite (string)

Specific prerequisites for an activity. This does not prevent the clients from registering, only informs them

Note (string)

Additional important information, such as what to bring

ThirdPartyUrl (string)

For registrations happening with a third party instead of Amilia

AdditionalInformation (string)

Additional important information, such as what to bring

ResponsibleName (string)
Price (decimal number)

Price of activity

DropInPrice (decimal number)

Price of drop-in activity

DisplayOrder (integer)
Age (ActivityAgeApiModelV3)

Object containing minimum and maximum ages, and the option to specify age in months

MaxAttendance (integer)

Maximum number of spots

SpotsRemaining (integer)

Number of spots still available in an activity

SpotsReserved (integer)

Number of reserved spots for an activity

NumberOfOccurrences (integer)

Number of occurrences the activity has

StartDate (date)

Inclusive start limit. Format is 9999-12-31

EndDate (date)

Inclusive end limit. Format is 9999-12-31

ScheduleSummary (string)

Description such as 'Fridays 16h-17h, 2 May to 27 August', as opposed to a full list of occurrences

HasSessionEnabled (boolean)

True for subscriptions

HasDropInEnabled (boolean)

True for drop-ins

AgeSummary (string)

Minimum-maximum age span, in format '7-77'

Keywords ()

Object containing the id and name of keywords, which are specific types of activities, such as 'soccer' or 'yoga'

Groups ()

In an activity, object containing the groups and their details

OrganizationId (integer)

Id of the organization. This one cannot be substituted for rewriteUrl, contrary to the organization id in the query parameters

Occurrences ()
RegistrationPeriods ()
Taxes (ApplicableTaxesModelV3)
LocationLabel (string)
SecretUrl (string)
PictureUrl (string)

Url of the resource picture

Id (integer)

Resource id

Name (string)

Resource name

ProgramId (integer)

Id of the program

ProgramName (string)

Part of the hierarchy Program > Category > Subcategory > Activity

CategoryId (integer)

Id of the category

CategoryName (string)

Part of the hierarchy Program > Category > Subcategory > Activity

SubCategoryId (integer)

Id of the subcategory

SubCategoryName (string)

Part of the hierarchy Program > Category > Subcategory > Activity

Url (string)

Url of the resource

Status (StateType)

Object containing the possible status values (case-insensitive).

For an activity, possible values are Normal, Hidden and Cancelled.

Response Formats

  "Tags": [
      "Id": 4,
      "Name": "VIP"
      "Id": 5,
      "Name": "Summer 2019"
  "Description": "Soccer outdoors on Fridays 16h-17h",
  "Prerequisite": "Must have passed soccer I",
  "Note": "Bring snacks, tie your hair, no jewelry",
  "ThirdPartyUrl": "merch/soccer",
  "AdditionalInformation": "Bring more snacks",
  "ResponsibleName": null,
  "Price": 150.0,
  "DropInPrice": 0.0,
  "DisplayOrder": 0,
  "Age": {
    "Max": 17,
    "Min": 7,
    "Months": false
  "MaxAttendance": 24,
  "SpotsRemaining": 2,
  "SpotsReserved": 7,
  "NumberOfOccurrences": 0,
  "StartDate": "2022-09-01T00:00:00-04:00",
  "EndDate": "2022-09-01T00:00:00-04:00",
  "ScheduleSummary": "Fridays 16h-17h, 2 May to 27 August",
  "HasSessionEnabled": false,
  "HasDropInEnabled": false,
  "AgeSummary": "7-17",
  "Keywords": [],
  "Groups": [],
  "OrganizationId": 0,
  "RegistrationPeriods": null,
  "LocationLabel": null,
  "SecretUrl": "{language}/{orgIdentifier}/api/Activity/Detail?activityId={hashId}",
  "PictureUrl": "activity/picture.jpg",
  "Id": 0,
  "Name": "Soccer II",
  "ProgramId": 0,
  "ProgramName": "Summer 2019",
  "CategoryId": 56783,
  "CategoryName": "Soccer",
  "SubCategoryId": 56786,
  "SubCategoryName": "junior",
  "Url": "soccer/2019/fridays",
  "Status": "Normal"