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Get a staff member in an organization

GET api/V3/{language}/org/{orgIdentifier}/staff/{id}

You can get the staff id from /org/{orgIdentifier}/staff

Request Information

URI Parameters

language (string)

Language in which the localizable values should be returned. Part of base url. Value is either 'fr' or 'en'

orgIdentifier (string)

Amilia-specific organization identifier. This identifier can be either the organization number, such as 8008, or the organization URL identifier. You can find that by looking at the URL of your Amilia store. It may look like lower-case words separated by a dash, such as forest-explorers. Note that in v2 and v1 we call that the 'rewrite URL'.

id (integer)

Staff id


Body Parameters


Response Information

Resource Description

Tags ()

Object containing the id and name of a tag. Tags are used to group and retrieve activities, such as 'morning' or 'George Smith'

Id (integer)

Resource id

FirstName (string)

First name of the person

LastName (string)

Last name of the person

FullName (string)

First and last name with a space in between

Gender (Gender)

Object containing the gender values NotSpecified, Male, Female and PreferNotToSay

DateOfBirth (date)

Format is 9999-12-31

Email (string)

Email address

Address (GeoAddressApiModelV3)

Object containing the address (door number, street name, city, state/province, country, zip/postal code, latitude and longitude)

Telephone (string)

Telephone number

TelephoneMobile (string)

Mobile telephone number

TelephoneWork (string)

Work telephone number

TelephoneWorkExtension (string)

Work telephone number extension

Response Formats

  "Tags": [
      "Id": 1,
      "Name": "Evening"
  "Id": 676767,
  "FirstName": "Rosalie",
  "LastName": "Tétreault",
  "FullName": "Rosalie Tétreault",
  "Gender": "Female",
  "DateOfBirth": "2022-09-01",
  "Email": "",
  "Address": {
    "Latitude": 45.72,
    "Longitude": -73.5,
    "Address1": "888 rue des Ormes",
    "Address2": "Appartement A",
    "City": "Longueuil",
    "Country": "Canada",
    "StateProvince": "QC",
    "ZipPostalCode": "J4J 4J4"
  "Telephone": "450 555 5555",
  "TelephoneMobile": "438 555 5555",
  "TelephoneWork": "514 555 5555",
  "TelephoneWorkExtension": "333"