2600 S. 124th Street Omaha NE 68144 US

Start date: Wednesday, August 30 2023.


 On Wednesday from 1:00 PM to 1:50 PM.

 From 8/30/2023 until 11/29/2023

Resource person: Cooksley, Maria

Location: 202


Complete Volunteer Forms prior to registering in order to receive dicount on tuition. See here.

Are you nervous that you are more likely to fit downstairs at Downton Abbey than up? Would you like to learn how to behave in social situations? Join us on a twelve-week journey where we will explore the world of manners, civility, and etiquette. Through lectures, student-led presentations, and fun activities, students will learn dining etiquette, how to introduce yourself with confidence, and how to handle difficult social situations with grace. The final activity will be a sit-down formal dinner where students will set the table and then dine, using correct tableware (including where to place when finished), eating bread and salad properly, dabbing their napkin, and so much more essential minutia.

Tuition: $120/$87.60 for volunteers   

Supply Fee: $24

For information on volunteering, click here.

Mandatory membership(s):

  • Volunteers, ages 12-13, Fall 2023
  • Other Family Member is Volunteering
  • Volunteers, ages 14-21, Fall 2023
  • Learning Center Teacher Membership, Fall 2023
  • Adult Volunteers, Fall 2023

Available: 3+

Price: $120.00 Taxes waived

Required age: 10 - 14 as of 8/30/2023

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