The Canadian Contemporary School of Art (CCSA) offers in-person and online art classes for Adults, Teens, Kids, and Toddlers. Our students receive high-quality art instruction in a warm and welcoming environment. By nurturing the artist in everyone, art classes at CCSA help to plant the seeds of lifelong creativity. CCSA is the leader in Toronto Art Classes. We believe in creativity as an educational tool, one that develops a student’s confidence and problem-solving skills. We teach our students to be imaginative and trust their intuition — there is no wrong way to make an artwork. This unique type of experiential learning creates opportunities for self-expression and calculated risk-taking along with the enjoyment of seeing creative efforts lead to tangible results. We are located in the Leaside area of Toronto, however, we offer online classes as well.


109 Vanderhoof Ave Unit 6

East York, ON, M4G 2H7

(416) 740-0078


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