Welcome to Cheer Sport Sharks - home of the most decorated teams in Canada! We are excited to be heading into our 2nd season and have learned over the years that while all of the trophies, banners, jackets and rings are great accolades, nothing compares to the feeling of belonging to the Shark family. While All-Star Cheerleading has exploded in growth in Canada, we believe that not all gyms are the same. With over 1200 cheerleaders in 4 locations across Ontario, we are the largest program in the country with an International reputation as the premier gym of its kind. Through all of this, we’ve stuck to our humble beginnings and kept the focus on developing our youth through this amazing sport. With Cheer Sport, you’ll gain life lessons that you’ll take with you far beyond your years of cheerleading. We see our athletes achieve success through gaining confidence, building lifelong friendships, developing a strong work ethic and understanding that a team is only successful when hard work towards a common goal is achieved. Young athletes with big dreams go far in life! Welcome to the Shark family. *All FINS Pro Shop purchases will be exchange or store credit only as long as returned within One Month of purchasing*


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