1900 Northwest 86th Street Clive IA 50325 US

Start date: Monday, January 22 2024.


 On Mondays from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

 13 times starting 1/22/2024

 Room 101 - SHADDAI

Resource person:

Location: Room 101 - SHADDAI | 1900 NW 86th Street, Clive, IA, 50023


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In Phase 3, you will be provided with the practical tools that enable you to take the power of God beyond head knowledge and apply it to your everyday life. You will learn to draw from the life of Christ living in you for everything you need and for every situation you face. As you learn to live from the reality of his indwelling presence in you, you will experience his peace, joy, love, and freedom.

Available: 17

Price: $15.00 Taxes waived

Required age: 18+ on the day of the activity

Notes: In addition to cost of class, you will also need to purchase course materials separately at $50. This class will be 1 night a week for 2 hours.

Prerequisites: 101- Phase 1 & 102 - Phase 2

More information: 2 hours/week, 13 weeks

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