Our riding area is just off the Coquihalla Highway, Exit #228 (Britton Creek rest area) between Hope and Merritt B.C. We have great riding areas for Beginners to Expert riders. We groom over 100 Km of trails, giving easy access to different riding areas. We even have groomed trails through the Alpine so beginners can also enjoy the Alpine. Our main trails to Alpine are quite short... Henning Alpine is 4Km from our Main Parking lot, Thynne Alpine is 3Km and 10-K Alpine around 15Km. We have lots of areas with Simple Terrain so you can have a fun/safe day even during High avalanche conditions. We also have two cabins in the Alpine stocked with firewood. All the wet West Coast weather dumps as snow on the Coq, so frequent Awesome snow days. There's also accommodations right next to the riding area... Coquihalla Lakes Lodge. We have our own parking lot, so lots of room for any size rig you might have and very easy access just off the Coquihalla Hwy (4x4 recommended). We also added a loading dock and a heated changing room in the parking lot area... how about that. Check out the Coquihalla Summit for an awesome sledding experience


Coquihalla Highway 5, Exit #228 (Britton Creek) PO Box 2336

Merritt, BC, V1K 1B8

(604) 316-1600


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