Crown Mountain Park & Rec

Crown Mountain Park is the largest outdoor sports complex in the mountains with over 124 acres of park, trails and open space.


Crown Mountain park is located in the Roaring Fork Valley between Aspen and Glenwood Springs in El Jebel Colorado. The park is 124 acres of parks, trails and open space. It includes a world class bike park with a BMX track, asphalt pump track, progressive dirt jumps, air bag, mulch jump, strider section, beginner section, and free ride section. It is the largest outdoor athletic complex you will find in the mountains. It features (10) soccer and lacrosse fields, (2) baseball/softball fields, dog park, 2 acre pond, (4) tennis courts, volleyball courts, outdoor fitness stations, one mile cement walking loop and a variety of native/riparian walking trails. The park has 500k visits annually, 67k athletic visits, 100k dog visits and 160k bike park visits.


501 Eagle County Drive

Carbondale, CO, 81623

(970) 319-8041

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