We believe that children need lots of time to play outdoors. When we get to know our local places without the rush that we often feel in our day to day life, we form a connection to those places that is beautiful and deep. We currently work to bring nature connection programs to children ages 0 to 13 in the Metro Vancouver area, but our vision extends far beyond that, to a future in which children of all ages play, learn, and create freely in their neighbourhoods. We envision children and adults working together to connect with the places where they live, and we look forward to a future in which all forms of learning turn to natural places as some of a child’s most important teachers. Our story began in 2010, when a small group of families got together to create an outdoor program for their young children. Since then, we've expanded to run three forest and farm learning programs in Metro Vancouver. We believe in sharing, and we work to expand the forest school movement by creating informal mentorship and professional development opportunities. We strive to create programs that are inclusive, welcome a diversity of children and families, and respect our natural and cultural heritage.


4629 Hoskins Road

North Vancouver, BC, V7K 2R2

(604) 802-7539