GRIT Athletics is a high-level athletic training facility with a community focus. A place where every athlete would feel welcome, nurtured, and inspired to find their true potential. GRIT Athletics Toronto is committed to ensuring passion, fun, and perseverance are at the root of high performance sport athletic development. GRIT is a multi-sport athletic hub where you may find a professional athlete training next to an aspiring 10-year-old, a goalie practice next to a pitching clinic, or a dodgeball tournament after school – all rooted in the mindset that sport unites us, brings us together, and helps us strive to be our better selves. All GRIT programs are centred around each athlete’s individual developmental needs and experience. Our programs are all designed with our core belief that “BETTER PEOPLE MAKE BETTER ATHLETES”.


53 Laird Drive

Toronto, ON, M4G 3T4

(647) 302-6523