8 Palmerston Square Toronto ON M6G 2S7 CA

Start date: Thursday, January 11 2024.


 On Thursday from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

 From 1/11/2024 until 3/21/2024

Resource person: hasstudioleivrit@gmail.com

Location: Zoom


In just 10 lessons you will be reading and writing Hebrew fluently and accurately. While acquiring the foundations of Hebrew literacy, including printed letters for reading, script letters for writing, and vowels, you will also learn new words, basic verbs, and start composing simple sentences.

Our method ensures quick and systematic reading acquisition, which will open the door to acquiring the entire language.

The course is designed for those with no Hebrew background or those who wish to refresh their basic Hebrew skills.

Available: 8/12

Price: $236.00 Taxes waived

Notes: This course is intended for the following students: 1. Students from the East Coast who are in the Eastern Time Zone (EST) - hence classes are in the evening between 7:00 -8:30 pm (EST). 2. Students from the West Coast who are in the Pacific Time Zone (PST) - hence classes are in the afternoon between 4:00-5:30 pm (PST).

Prerequisites: No Hebrew background is required

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