We envision a world in which human being more deeply and authentically connect as they declare their individual boundaries and reclaim their inherent right and responsibility to universal safety and well-being. We seek to make this vision come true by teaching trauma-informed and empowerment-based self-defense with the goal to help people prepare for and to avoid potentially violent situations and to fight back and escape when physically attacked. Our curriculum teaches de-escalating tense situations, boundary setting and assertiveness, self-advocacy, knowing when to escape, and learning when and how to use physical self-defense skills in realistic scenarios to help people counteract the freeze response. These skills give participants the confidence to resolve or de-escalate conflict wherever it arises. We utilize the full spectrum of self-defense skills, so our training sets us aside from other martial arts/self-defense classes by empowering our graduates with the choice in how they decide to respond to a situation. Participants in our programs report a greater sense of confidence to cope with situations of threat and utilize a variety of skills that decrease their vulnerability to boundary-crossing, harassment, and aggression. Our techniques have a ripple effect into all areas of our graduates’ lives.


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