Master Chanwuk Jeon has been training the official World Taekwondo (WT) for more than 35 years and the founder of the Jeon's Traditional Taekwondo program to offer all ages students the best in martial arts training and enjoy the experience while making the commitment to learn and improve one's self esteem, concentration, discipline and self control. Students get to enjoy: -Simplified stretching and fitness games -Lots of interactive games that makes them exercise without them even realizing -Eagerness to demonstrate their kicks, blocks, movement and fitness -End of term test to next level *Earn the official World Taekwondo certification from the Kukkiwon the world Taekwondo headquarter in Korea.* 0. Life style- Family class (all ages & all levels) - Fitness activities with Taekwondo basic kicks & blocks. 1. Initiating- Beginner 1 (White, Yellow strip, Yellow belt) -Focus on child physical development activities and introduce the Taekwondo poomsae and basic kicks and breaking skills. 2. Learning Mind-Beginner 2 (Green strip, Green belt) -Unique Taekwondo skills and self defense 3. Becoming Independent- Intermediate (Purple strip, Purple, Blue strip, Blue, Brown strip, Brown belt) 4. Feeling Confident- Advance (Brown strip, Brown, Red Strip, Red Belt) 5. Knowing Providence- Black belt Preparation Class (Black strip belt) -Aim to earn the official World Taekwondo black belt certification 6. Spiritually Awakened- Black belt class 7. Private Lesson


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