Laws of Motion is Ottawa's premier Trampoline, Tumbling, Parkour, and Aerial Silks gymnastics club. Our elite coaches help Ottawa athletes of all levels reach the next step in their careers. Located adjacent to the Black Widow Cheer Gym, our club caters to athletes of all ages looking to learn a higher level of gymnastics and trampoline skills in a fun safe environment without having to commit to the intensive schedule required of a competitive gymnastics program. Whether you're a cheerleader, gymnast, trampolinist, diver, skier/snowboarder, figure skater, break dancer, acrobatist, the next karate kid, or just looking for a fun workout experience, our programs will help you reach the next level in your sport.


2215 Gladwin Cr. unit 130

Ottawa, ON, K1B 4K9

(613) 693-0363

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