Our Tai Chi school in Quebec, Canada follows Yang style, lineage of Yang Luchan, Tung Ying Chieh, Chui Lap Kan and Grace Chui. We also teach Wu (Hao) form - the K'ai-Ho; Qi Gong, Meditation, Zhan Zhuang, Sword, Sabre, Sticks, Ying Chieh Fast Form, Tung-style Fa-Jin, Du Lien (Pair application Form), Kung Fu Fan, Tai Chi Applications, Push Hands. Tai Chi Chuan is not only for maintaining good health, it is also defence and combat. The philosophy of tai chi can apply to our daily life.


5860 Rue de la Cigogne

Brossard, QC, J4Z 0A1

(514) 726-8198