15113 Lincoln Lake Ave NE Gowen MI 49326-9790 US

Start date: Monday, July 10 2023.


 Every day from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM.

 From 7/10/2023 until 7/15/2023

Resource person: office@lincolnlake.com


Middle School Camp for 6-8 grade campers is right where you want your child to be. This week is full of teaching and leading by dynamic speakers, a passionate worship team and counselors who are on fire for the Lord. Middle School camp is an opportunity for campers to develop friendships with many believers while learning from college students and adults who are here with purpose. For a week, campers are unplugged from their every day and taking part in adventures and games they will remember with no help from Instagram. With space to ask difficult questions, witness the Lord working in the lives around them and have the chance to answer the call of the Holy Spirit, the potential for growth is huge. Combine that with the insane fun of being at Lincoln Lake, and you have a week of magic. Be ready to let your camper nap all day Saturday. (And maybe Sunday)

Available: 40/80

Price: $380.00 Taxes waived

Required age: 11 - 15 as of 9/1/2023

Notes: For a suggested packing list and answers to frequently asked questions, visit www.lincolnlake.com

Prerequisites: $100 nonrefundable registration fee, included in price.

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