Panthers Gymnastics is a non-profit organization whose mandate is to provide gymnastics and trampoline instruction to children of all ages. We strive to support child development and active healthy living through involvement in sport and foster self-confidence, pride and perseverance in everything they do. The club is committed to the belief that gymnasts can best be supported through a full spectrum of introductory and development programs. We offer a variety of programs from tiny tots and pre-school all the way to recreational and competitive programs at the regional, provincial and national levels. We believe that children involved in sports including gymnastics, are more likely to avoid trouble, score higher on achievement tests, stay in school, have greater self-esteem and live a healthier lifestyle. At Panthers our children not only learn motor development skills, but also interpersonal relationship skills, discipline, determination, commitment, teamwork, humility and leadership skills that will last them a life time.


1016 Marion Street

Winnipeg, MB, R2J 0K8

(204) 233-0187

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