1605 E. Burnley Street Camarillo CA 93010 US

Start date: Saturday, October 7 2023.


 On Saturday, October 7, 2023, from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

 Camarillo Grove Park Nature Center

Resource person: Briana Ramos

Location: Camarillo Grove Park Nature Center | 6968 Camarillo Springs Road, Camarillo, CA, 93012


Saturday, October 7 (10/7) 9-11am

Instructor: David Torfeh

Scientists are still discovering how birds migrate. Some species of birds travel thousands of miles between their breeding grounds and their wintering areas. How do they do this? We'll see and/or hear some of these fall migrants as we hike at Camarillo Grove Park.  Don't forget binoculars.

Meet at the Nature Center. The hike starts at 9:00, dress in layers and good walking/hiking shoes. Bring water and sun protection. 

Available: 7/20

Price: $5.00 - $6.25 Taxes waived

Tags: Hiking Outdoor Education

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