466 Sabourin St-Pierre Jolys MB R0A 1V0 CA

Start date: Wednesday, September 20 2023.


 On Wednesday from 6:30 PM to 7:15 PM.

 From 9/20/2023 until 10/18/2023


All five classes with your puppy/dog. One class once a week for 5 weeks. Each class is 45-50 minutes long.

Life Skills Level One is designed for dogs of any age.

Vaccines: Two Canine Distemper (DAPP) vaccines administered at 8 and 12 weeks of age and Kennel Cough vaccine (recommended).

The third booster of the DAPP vaccine administered at 16 weeks of age is not required to attend training classes. Annual vaccines thereafter.

Last class is your graduation class. This is a nose work training class, and friendly doggie competitions. End your training classes with your graduation certificate and graduation pictures.

In this class you will learn:

Eye contact = CONNECTING with your dog = Focus work

Sit, down and stand. Basic everyday life skills and foundation training

Sit and Stay

  • Down and Stay

  • Leave It

  • Impulse Control/Self Control Exercises

  • Recall Training
  • Confidence Boosting Exercises

Each class will cover canine communication - what your dog is communicating to you in dog language.

End of class allows for five minutes of socialization and exposure to other dogs, humans and kids attending the class - all socialization is on leash. This acts as a great reward for the dogs for working so hard in class.

This class uses food luring (Classical Conditioning) to teach desired behaviors. We also gradually and slowly start to make some of your behaviors a little bit more difficult every class, gradually increasing your dog's skills.

You may be thinking '...but my dog already knows most of these training commands'. Yes! They may already know sit, but can they do sit with other dogs and other people in the room?! This is how we proof the behavior for strength training. Repition builds the behavior.

Group dog training classes also provide so much more than basic training commands and cues, there is exposure with other dogs and people including exposing their senses. Relationship and connection building with your dog. Establishing a relationship with a trainer for future help and trouble shooting behavior problems. The benefits are MANY!

Available: Available

Price: $140.00 Taxes waived

Notes: **Please email with your dogs name, breed, and age to info@ratriverrecreation.com prior to the classes starting.

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