The Language Project offers highly engaging natural-immersion classes where students ages 2-11 years, acquire a new language through games, music, play and more! The Language Project’s proven research driven methodology is based on the Natural Approach with play-based activities. That means children are acquiring language in a manner very similar to the way they got their first language; through the principles of experience, discovery and play. Our curriculum begins with children as young as 2 years of age and takes them on a linguistic adventure through preschool, elementary school and even higher levels. Each level, which encompasses 30 lessons over an academic year, has a thoroughly developed curriculum including linguistic themes, sensory experiences, games, music, drama, stories and more. Each activity is designed to develop linguistic comprehension and production skills creating a linguistic ladder. All language is used in context and builds upon itself. One cannot advance in language without relying on a firm foundation every step of the way. Second language development using this methodology promotes critical thinking, curiosity, creativity and problem solving skills. Research has confirmed that brain development is enhanced by second language learning in early childhood as by stimulating new neural growth and connections among neurons.The Language Project was established on the belief that learning languages is a life skill within every child's reach.


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Lincoln, NE, 68509

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