Thrive Hive is a vibrant and inclusive family wellness studio that fosters a sense of community, growth, and connection. Through a diverse range of classes, programs, and services, we empower families to thrive in mind, body, and spirit. By integrating play, work and wellness Thrive Hive supports modern families in achieving a harmonious and fulfilling lifestyle. Our family studio promotes well-being, collaboration, and community while facilitating a healthier and more balanced approach to family life. Our goal is to create a thriving community where families can grow and support each other. Whether you're a working parent seeking a productive workspace, a child looking for a fun and enriching play experience, or a family in search of wellness services that cater to your needs, Thrive Hive Family Studio has it all. Discover a place where play, work, and wellness seamlessly blend to create a vibrant and harmonious environment for your entire family. Thrive Hive Family Studio—the ultimate destination for families to play, work, live well and thrive together.


46 Rosemount Ave

York, ON, M9N 3B3

(416) 242-7777