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Studio Rental Package


  • The studio rental package is intended for artists who are looking to use VanTap's studio space for practice, if for whatever other means would not be able to pay for the per hour rate
  • The studio rental package includes unlimited studio rental hours with the following conditions:
    • All rental times must be booked with VanTap Staff via admin@vantapdance.com (it suggested to book with 3 days notice to confirm availability)
    • Rental availability is subject to VanTap staff being at the building
    • Studio availability is subject to VanTap programs and other renters being in the space
    • Once you have subscribed, you will be given access to view VanTap's studio availability.
    • The rental package is intended for practicing and not prerparing for paid events or funded shows, these should be booked under the regular rental rent
    • The studio rental package holder should be the only one using the space
    • If dancers would like to rent together, they must both hold a studio rental package (or have prior consent to rent the space from VanTap staff)
      • If a studio rental package holder is found to bring a dancer in without prior consent or have a rental package themselves, the rental package holder who booked the space will be responsible for paying for the space at the regular per hour rental rate.
  • At no times are the studios to be used for activities that they are not intended for e.g. parties, large gatherings, illegal activities etc. If a studio is found to be mis-used, the renters package will be cancelled immediately and will be charged a $250 mis-use fee.
  • If a renter would like to cancel their subscription they must provide 15 days notice prior to the next billing cycle
    I.e. if you would like to cancel for July 1, you need to provide notice on June 15


per month
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