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Resource person: learn@vandusen.org

Location: VanDusen Botanical Garden - Visitor Centre - Guides Classroom


Join local artist Katharine Dickinson for an introduction to depicting and representing plants' character, form and colour. Explore how to draw plant subjects from the garden accurately while enhancing your observation and artistic skills in this six-session series.   

In this beginner Botanical Illustration series, master the essential observational drawing techniques through engaging exercises such as gesture, contour, and volume line drawing. Learn methods for measuring dimensions, understanding foreshortening, and incorporating perspective to create realistic plant drawings. Experiment with watercolour and refine the skill of colour mixing to accurately match the natural shades of a specimen, as well as learn how to apply the paint to a completed drawing. 

Bring your drawing tools: Pencils (HB and 2B), a micromechanical 05mm 2H or HB pencil, an erasure, a permanent ink pen O5mm nib., a mixed-media sketchbook and printing paper for warm-up exercises, a magnifying glass and a plant holder such as a floral frog. Other materials are to be discussed in class. 

Online registration is required. Image by Katharine Dickinson.    

Instructor's Bio    

"Katharine received her MA from the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, U.K. She worked as a professional illustrator in London for various advertising and publishing companies, illustrating book covers for Margaret Atwood and Kurt Vonnegut, amongst others. She has been working as an artist-educator in Vancouver, specializing in observational drawing methods and techniques for botanical arts and landscape painting, since 2010."     

"In her courses, Katharine introduces students to a variety of art-making techniques. She has a unique ability to demonstrate technical information in a way that inspires confidence and builds knowledge. By helping students slow down and experience the meditative effects of focused observational drawing, the process is relaxed and inspirational."   https://dickinsonart.ca/ 

Available: Available

Price: $297.00 Taxes not included

Notes: Please note that registration will close at 4:00 p.m. PT, one business day before the program starts. Cancellation policy: No refunds will be given for education courses. A credit will be applied to your account for cancellations with one week's notice. With less than a week's notice, no credit will be given. No new credit will be issued if the cancelled course was purchased using prior credit. Program cancellation by the VBGA due to Public Health Restrictions will result in education program credit equivalent to the value lost. Credits must be used within one year from the date issued. Please notify us of your cancellation in writing to learn@vandusen.org

Prerequisites: Educational programs are available for both members and non-members. In order to register for a class, you first need to open an account with Amilia, our online registration portal. Note that your membership account does NOT give you this access. You must open a separate account in Amilia. Follow this link to create your account: https://www.amilia.com/en/Signup Please save your Amilia account username & password for registration in future classes.

More information: Instructor: Katharine Dickinson.    

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