5251 Oak Street Vancouver BC V6M 4H1 CA

Start date: Tuesday, September 14 2021.


 On Tuesday, September 14, 2021, from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Resource person: learn@vandusen.org

Location: Via Zoom


From cut flowers to containers to permanent garden features, bulbs can add value, detail, and fun to any garden space. In this class, Janis Matson will discuss design concepts as they apply to colour, texture, blooming time, and layering. Which bulbs are considered annuals, perennials, or naturalized in our climate? From the easy to grow to the more exotic, we'll learn the importance of exposure, soil, and planting depth for a variety of bulbs. Let’s see what we can create!

This course will take place online, and will be recorded. Registered participants will have access to recordings for a limited time. Pre-registration required. 

Available: Available

Price: $22.00 Taxes not included

Notes: This course will take place online, and recordings will be available for a limited time to participants. Online course log-in details will be sent within 24 hours before course date.

More information: Instructor: Janis Matson

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