2600 S. 124th Street Omaha NE 68144 US

Date de début : mercredi, 31 janvier 2024.

Horaire :

 Les mercredis de 13:00 à 13:50.

 12 fois à partir du 2024-01-31

Responsable : Palmer, Amber

Lieu : 102

Description :

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Complete Volunteer Forms prior to registering. Every child must have a membership in order to receive a tuition discount on tuition. 

New projects and old favorites!

This activity-based class promotes a child’s natural curiosity and nurtures enthusiasm for scientific discovery. We encourage children to wonder about the world around them by providing a rich learning environment through group activities and various centers. With age-appropriate science vocabulary and plenty of opportunities to literally dig into the stuff of nature, this class will help children see the world in a new way.  

Tuition: $120/$87.60 for volunteers      

Supply Fee: $24  

For information on volunteering, click here. 

Disponibles : Complet

Prix : 120,00 $ Taxes exonérées

Âge requis : 4 à 6 au jour de l'activité

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