647 - Unit 101 Princess St. Kingston ON K7L 1E4 CA

Date de début : mardi, 9 avril 2024.

Horaire :

 Le mardi de 13:00 à 16:00.

 Du 2024-04-09 jusqu'au 2024-04-30

 Back Studio

Responsable : Victoria (contact@ksoa.info

Lieu : Back Studio | 647 Princess Street, Unit 101, Kingston, ON, K7L 1E4

Description :

In this four-week course you will explore the beautiful world of botanical  painting. A variety of plants will be interpreted expressively and/or studied in detail. The properties and uses of tools, paints and papers will be discussed, for you to make informed choices. Basic colour theory and pleasing colour schemes will be introduced. Demonstrations will include colour mixing, wet-on-dry, wet-on-wet and dry-brush techniques. Photos and natural specimens will be used as reference. All levels are welcome.

Disponibles : 2

Prix : 30,00 $ Taxes exonérées

Âge requis : 16+ au jour de l'activité

Notes : Recommended Materials: Misc. supplies: pencils (any you have - or a hard 2H and a soft 4B) eraser, masking tape charcoal or carbon pencil 4B or 6B stiff painting board: cardboard, masonite or plywood (approx.10x14"-ish) white paper towel - roll LARGE, white mixing palette or white plate 2 large PLASTIC water/yogourt containers WC Brushes: (suggest: #6 rigger, rounds #8,10,12, a 3/4" flat and 1", hog hair-inexpensive) NB: Crayola Sets of 4 flats & 4 rounds @ Staples (approx. $5.00 – set of 4) NB: watercolour brushes have short handles! Papers: medium sketch pad or blank journal - for small exercises & notes one 22x30”sheet HOT pressed (smooth) watercolour paper - preferred OR watercolour pad (avoid expensive block pads!) optional -> 18x24" newsprint or cartridge pad (if you have on hand) optional -> any old, scrap watercolours (can use the back) Watercolour paints - any you already have or: Individual tubes (suggest- Magenta or Permanent Rose, a cool yellow and Cadmium Yellow, Pthalo Blue & Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Payne's Grey) NB: Steadtler Set of 12 WC paint TUBES @ Staples (approx. $13.00)

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