918 Bathurst Street Toronto ON M5R 3G5 CA

Date de début : jeudi, 9 novembre 2023.

Horaire :

 Le jeudi de 14:50 à 15:50.

 Du 2023-11-09 jusqu'au 2023-12-14

 Hollywood Public School

 David Filipovich, Ekrem Tamkan

Lieu : Hollywood Public School | 360 Hollywood Avenue, Toronto, ON, M2N 3L4

Description :

The CIC Chess to Life™ Extracurricular School Program

At lunchtime or after classes, students flock to our extracurricular chess clubs for camaraderie and intellectual challenge. They have a blast playing with their friends and learning the ways of chess, all while developing critical life skills.

At a CIC chess club, life skills like Communication, Critical Thinking, and Self-Management are purposefully woven into the fabric of the curriculum. Students reflect upon and discuss their own life experiences within these areas, then apply their new wisdom directly to the chess lessons.
We offer clubs at three levels: Kindergarten, Primary, and Junior.

Kindergarten students play fun, physical games with their friends to learn piece names, movements, and rules. They laugh and sing and solve puzzles and work together in play-based learning activities.

Primary students are in grades one through three. They learn the basics of chess, and a love of chess, through fun, interactive games that are developmentally targeted to this age range.

Junior students are in grades four through six. At this level, students take their basic knowledge and expand into the fundamentals of tactics and strategy. The lessons are still collaborative and engaging, yet they move at a swifter pace and offer greater academic challenge than the Primary Clubs.

CIC extracurricular clubs offer your child, regardless of age or ability level, a place to find new friends, discover a new hobby, and learn critical life skills. Click the button below to find your school and register!

If your school doesn’t currently run a CIC Chess to Life™ club, ask your school administrator to contact us about starting up.

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