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FREE Evaluation Session
Free Evaluations for NEW Students! (Online) | Free Evaluations | Free Evaluations

Unsure which class to sign up for? This free evaluation will answer that question. It is designed for new students and their parents or guardians.  In this one-hour session, you will observe our instructor engaging your child with puzzles and games to determine how well they play chess. Then, they will tell you which class your child will be most comfortable in. Why is this important? A child in a class too easy gets bored; a child in a class too hard gets intimidated; a child in a class just right thrives and grows. After this free evaluation you will be able to place your child in the right class with confidence. Then watch them shine!

Horaire :

 Le lundi de 20:00 à 20:30.

 Du 2023-10-30 jusqu'au 2024-06-24

 En ligne - Zoom

 Le lundi de 20:30 à 21:00.

 Du 2023-10-02 jusqu'au 2024-06-17

 En ligne - Zoom

 Le mercredi de 17:15 à 17:45.

 Du 2023-10-04 jusqu'au 2024-06-26

 En ligne - Zoom

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 Le mercredi de 17:45 à 18:15.

 Du 2023-09-27 jusqu'au 2024-06-19

 En ligne - Zoom

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FREE Evaluation Session

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