53 Laird Drive Toronto ON M4G 3T4 CA

Date de début : samedi, 21 octobre 2023.

Horaire :

 Le samedi de 12:00 à 15:00.

 Du 2024-03-23 jusqu'au 2024-04-27

 53 Laird Drive

Responsable : info@gritathletics.ca

Lieu : 53 Laird Drive | 53 Laird Drive, Toronto, ON, M4G 3T4

Description :

Rob Butler Off-Season and Pre-Season Hitting Approach Drop-in Clinics


Looking for more success at the plate?

Want to figure out how to translate batting cage success to in-game success?

Want to gain more control of your at-bats?

The batter's box isn't the time to rethink mechanics - it’s time to focus on your approach.


Adjust your mindset.


Hitting is much more than swing mechanics; it’s a combination of an effective swing, a clear approach, an aggressive mindset, a plan and mental clairvoyance that come together to result in barrel meeting ball on-time. 


Sign up and drop-in to GRIT Athletics Toronto for 1-3 hours on Saturday afternoons and work with World Series champion Rob Butler on exactly what needs to be addressed for in-season success!


With the flexibility of 5 or 10 pack of drop-in sessions that can be used from October to April, let Rob’s approach help you achieve the success you’ve worked so hard for and that brought him ultimate success at the highest level!

Prix : 80,00 $ Taxes en sus

<p><span class='promotion-title'>Ce prix est réduit au prorata car la session est déjà commencée.</span><br /><br /><strong>80,00 $</strong><br />Prix réduit. Était à 400,00 $.<br /><hr />

Âge requis : 12 - 16 ans à partir de 2023-12-01

Prérequis : Ages 13-16

Étiquettes : Baseball

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