53 Laird Drive Toronto ON M4G 3T4 CA

Date de début : mardi, 4 octobre 2022.

Horaire :

 Le mardi de 20:30 à 22:30.

 Du 2022-10-04 jusqu'au 2023-04-25

 53 Laird Drive

Responsable : info@gritathletics.ca

Lieu : 53 Laird Drive | 53 Laird Drive, Toronto, ON, M4G 3T4

Description :

The High Performance Baseball program is designed for athletes who are more than just “interested” in development – they are committed to it.

Athletes in this program train with intent, passion, and purpose. When everyone buys into that, it creates an environment that is positive and fun. Our goal is to encourage a culture that makes development contagious

This program is a combination of high level, position specific skill work in conjunction with a structured strength and conditioning program.

All athletes will partake in:

  • Athletic assessment
  • Daily movement prep
  • Hitting program
  • Throwing program
  • Strength and conditioning program

In order to truly and objectively measure athlete progress, each athlete will have a digital and physical log of all personal performance metrics.

Players must be at the Elite or AAA level in order to participate.

Disponibles : Disponible

Prix : 100,00 $ Taxes en sus

Âge requis : 14 à 17 au jour de l'activité

Prérequis : AAA or Elite baseball player

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