IMPACT Personal Safety is a dedicated group of people working together to end the cycle of violence in our society, teaching self-defense classes for everyone. We do this by empowering people to take control of their lives through physical and verbal skills and the fundamental truth that your life is worth fighting for. Although IMPACT is best known for its dynamic fights, we strongly believe that fighting is a last resort.  In fact, our emphasis on verbal skills has become a strong component in programs, where we help students develop boundary-setting skills to resolve conflicts, improve communication, and avoid dangerous situations. Rarely does an IMPACT graduate have to use the physical techniques we’ve taught them. But in situations where fighting for one’s life or safety did become a necessity, nearly every graduate of our program (adults, teens, children – all genders) needed just one or two blows to either scare off their assailant or disable him enough to allow a safe escape. We address situations ranging from the day-to-day boundary violation to the worst-case scenario of actual assault. Our Self-Defense classes set up safe simulations reproducing what happens in the “real world.” Using an integrated mix of physical and verbal skills, our classes are engaging and hands-on. Classes are fluid, interactive, and supportive. Our classes can be adapted and personalized to meet the needs of your group—Mixed-gender, individual gender, LBGTQ+, BIPOC, and more.


722 Hayworth Ave Apt 10

Los Angeles, CA, 90046

(310) 940-8144