Island Rhythmic Gymnastics Club is a boutique Rhythmic Gymnastics club founded in 2002 by Danielle and Angela Frattaroli. Bringing together a highly skilled team of specialists including former national team member Clara Bernier, athletic therapist Rachelle Little, Soloist for Ballet Victoria Sebastien Fairley. Our recreational and preschool programs are created to develop a love for the sport of rhythmic gymnastics, physical literacy and teach basic skills in a challenging yet high-success situation. Our highly skilled certified coaches demonstrate movements and progressively increase the difficulty and challenge for each participant in the class based on their abilities and strengths. At Island Rhythmics, we believe in having fun while learning life skills through the sport that our athletes will carry with them through their lives. Lessons such as focus, determination and “working smart”. Working smart is a process that trains body awareness and focus and ultimately has the goal of attempting to improve every time a skill is performed. We also believe that Rhythmic Gymnastics is more than a sport. It is an art. An art that allows all our athletes, regardless of their abilities, to express an emotion. We work on musicality and expression while working on the physical abilities required to perform the routines. The basic skills and abilities we train are a brush with which the athletes paint a picture for the audience in their routines.


Unit 2-601 Boleskine Road

Victoria, BC, V8Z 1C5

(250) 514-6761