Being a Goalkeeper can feel like you're on an island. You're on a team but in many ways you play an individual sport. At KeeperTec Goalkeeping School we want to welcome you home to a place where we are all equal and can all share in our experiences as Goalkeepers. No matter your age, if you want to be a goalkeeper we will train you. Our focus is on technical development and understanding of the goalkeeping position. We've found that this formula improves a goalkeepers confidence when performing on the field. The Box is the home of KeeperTec. It's 2000sf indoor facility dedicated to Goalkeeper Training. It allows us to train year round regardless of what the weather is like outside. Being indoors creates an environment which allows learning to take place without the distractions of being too cold, wet, hot etc. Welcome Home! Please make yourself aware of our Pandemic response. Covid - 19 Protocols can be found on our website


204 - 5529 192st

Surrey, BC, V3S 8E5

(604) 379-1656