15113 Lincoln Lake Ave NE Gowen MI 49326-9790 US

Date de début : lundi, 18 juillet 2022.

Horaire :

 Du 18 juillet 2022 à 09:00, jusqu'au 23 juillet 2022 à 09:00

Responsable : office@lincolnlake.com

Description :

Wilderness Camp is a unique experience for our 7-12 grade campers. This week begins with getting to know an intentionally smaller group than you will find during a standard week at camp. A little tribe forms as campers canoe out from the main campus, through a chain of lakes, and arrive at privately owned woods for the week. Small groups pitch their tents, set up their camp space, and explore their new surroundings in the trees. Chapel is held in camping chairs, around a fire. The wooded setting is perfect for a game of Camouflage and working your way through camp riddles. This small group spends one day canoeing to beautiful Blue Lake to enjoy the sapphire water it’s named for. Meals are enjoyed around the fire, under the rustling leaves. This week allows campers time away from their everyday setting to consider who they are becoming and what the Father has for them.

Disponibles : 19/25

Prix : 300,00 $ Taxes exonérées

Âge requis : 11 à 19 au jour de l'activité

Notes : For a suggested packing list and answers to frequently asked questions, visit www.lincolnlake.com

Prérequis : $100 nonrefundable registration fee, included in price.

Informations supplémentaires : Pathway selection will be made by camper after orientation on Monday.

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