15113 Lincoln Lake Ave NE Gowen MI 49326-9790 US

Date de début : lundi, 27 juin 2022.

Horaire :

 Du 27 juin 2022 à 09:00, jusqu'au 2 juillet 2022 à 09:00

Responsable : office@lincolnlake.com

Description :

Elementary Camp 3 (2nd - 6th Grade)

Elementary Camp is filled with the energy and excitement of so many first time campers, making this week a gold mine of discovery and adventure. Combine them with return campers who are excited for a week away from their everyday routine and you get a big group of kids who are ready to have a blast! Counselors and staff join our 2nd-6th grade campers in playing games, creating masterpieces and teaching fun skills that keep kids pumped to be here and looking forward to more summers to come. The Gospel is clearly presented along with a teaching theme for the week that keeps focus on the Father and His love for us. Devotional time is built into the schedule and helps campers learn and practice a daily meeting time with the Father. Campers make new friends and experience care and love from a staff that wants them to find their joy in the Lord. Skit Night, Glow Ball, Zip Line, Italian Night and much more quickly allow campers to form a bond with one another as they draw closer to their Creator. A special note on housing: We will honor cabin mate requests within the same grade. 

Disponibles : 2/152

Prix : 305,00 $ Taxes exonérées

Âge requis : 6 à 12 au jour de l'activité

Notes : For a suggested packing list and answers to frequently asked questions, visit www.lincolnlake.com

Prérequis : $100 nonrefundable registration fee, included in price.

Informations supplémentaires : Pathway selection will be made by camper after orientation on Monday.

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