2200 East Grass Lake Road Lindenhurst IL 60046 US

Date de début : vendredi, 8 septembre 2023.

Horaire :

 Le vendredi de 18:00 à 19:00.

 Du 2023-09-08 jusqu'au 2023-10-13

 Gymnasium-South Side - B

Responsable : David Milostan - dmilostan@lindenhurstparks.org

Lieu : Gymnasium-South Side - B | 2200 Grass Lake Road, Lindenhurst, IL, 60046

Description :

This class is for advancing beginners who have some experience and want to move at a faster pace to improve their basic shots and strategies. Players will participate in challenging drills to work on consistency in forehand and backhand shots, serving, volleying, dinks and lobs. Through matches played each week, players will get the chance to take their game to the next level by learning how to play smarter, not harder.

Disponibles :

Prix : 97,00 $ Taxes exonérées

Âge requis : Plus de 21 ans au jour de l'activité

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