11 Brandywine Snowmobile Area BC 11111 CA

Date de début : dimanche, 1 octobre 2023.

Horaire :

 Du 1 octobre 2023 à 00:00, jusqu'au 30 septembre 2024 à 23:59

Responsable : For questions please contact membership.pmsc@gmail.com

Description :


By joining our club, you will enjoy a range of exclusive members-only discounts, including an impressive 25% discount from Capri Insurance. In fact, this discount often offsets most of the cost of your membership! 

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Affiliation(s) obligatoire(s) :

  • 2023/24 BCSF Membership
  • 2023/24 PMSC Membership

Prix : 0,00 $ Taxes en sus

Notes : This pass provides unlimited access to the trail system during Booth operations. The booth will open when sufficient snow is on the ground at the base for the Snow Cat to be able to operate safely. This is approximately around middle of December. The Booth will close when the Snow Cat can not properly operate near the base, estimated early April.

Prérequis : Please note, to join our Club, you must also join the BCSF. The Total cost is $300 (same as last year).

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