OUR MISSION Society for Learning in Retirement exists to meet the educational needs of retired or semi retired persons, for the mutual benefit of the participants and the volunteer leaders. ​Established in 1995, Society for Learning in Retirement is a voluntary non-profit, tax-exempt, equal opportunity organization meeting the educational interests and needs of retired and semi-retired persons who share a love of the camaraderie of learning regardless of their formal education. Peer teaching and learning are at the heart of the SLR program. Group leaders encourage students to actively participate in their own learning. While these study leaders will not always be experts, they are also learners, engaged in a joint learning enterprise. Our small group sizes contribute to a lively and fun learning environment. Participants are generally encouraged, but not required or pressured, to give brief presentations.


1434 Graham Street Martin Centre

Kelowna, BC, V1Y 3A8

(250) 448-1203