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Date de début : jeudi, 28 septembre 2023.

Horaire :

 Le 28 septembre 2023, de 18:00 à 21:00

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 Le 10 décembre 2023, de 15:45 à 18:15

 Program Space

 Le 28 janvier 2024, de 18:00 à 21:00

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 Le 24 mars 2024, de 18:15 à 21:15

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 Le 21 avril 2024, de 15:15 à 17:30

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Responsable : Koryn Heisler

Lieu : Program Space | 191 E 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V5T 3E5

Description :

May 26th workshop will be an improv games session, where families and friends are invited to watch.

Mitch and Murray Productions, in partnership with This World's Ours Centre is proud to present
ACTING ATYPICAL, a foundational exploration of acting for teens and adults on the autism
spectrum. The exciting program is hosted by Mitch and Murray Productions artistic director Aaron Craven.

In this one-day workshop, participants explore the world of acting with veteran acting coach
Aaron Craven. In a supportive and sensory-friendly environment, Aaron guides students through
an introductory look at acting, the differences between acting on camera and stage, and much
more. The class includes some fun and interactive improv work, some scripted work in front of
the camera and a spirited conversation between participants and Aaron about the wonderful
world of acting.

The goal for the workshop is for participants to benefit from the social and emotional tools which
acting can provide, to learn a bit about the craft and bottom line, to have fun!

A graduate of The University of British Columbia, Aaron is the founder and artistic director of
Mitch and Murray Productions, a Vancouver-based theatre company. He’s a busy actor in both
Canada and the USA, with over 100 professional screen and stage credits. Recent Film/TV work
includes The Dresden Sun, NCIS, Legends of Tomorrow, iZombie... you can look up the rest on
IMDB.com! Aaron is also one of Vancouver’s most recommended acting coaches, running a
weekly class for professional actors at The Working Actors Gym.

Aaron has lived experience in the world of autism, actively supporting family members on the
spectrum. He’s also involved with the Canucks Autism Network and volunteers as a coach with
West Vancouver Hockey “Autism for Hockey” programs.

If you're a teen or adult on the autism spectrum and are interested in this workshop, please get in
touch through our contact page. *Note, all participants must have a diagnosis of autism through a specialist and must be able to work independently in the workshop with a 3-1 student/staff ratio in the room.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of Telus and the Telus Friendly Future Foundation in the
production of these workshops.

Feedback from students and parents:

"I enjoyed the class because of the careful pacing and because other atypicals were involved,
which made me feel like less of an outcast. I had a lot of fun, I'd go back in a heartbeat."

"Aaron Craven was an amazing teacher and very patient with us."

"I liked the exercises, redirection and advice that Aaron gave us. It was also a small group,
which was nice. I prefer classes like this."

"My son attended the Acting Atypical workshop and it was amazing. I have never picked him up from anything and seen him so happy."

Âge requis : 13 - 18 ans au jour de l'activité

Prérequis : Ability to work in a 1:3 Ratio

Informations supplémentaires : Aaron Craven

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