TAC - Sports, Swim and STEAM operating since 2011, is unique among sport education academies. TAC develops athletes and leaders. We create a positive environment full of support and motivation. We strive to build the life skills, sports skills, and self-confidence of our students. Our systems and methods are developed by Kinesiology and Sports Psychology graduates, using the latest trends in sports psychology and physical development methods to achieve the greatest growth in our students. With specialized sport instruction, low student-to-coach ratios and an encouraging learning environment, every student will get the level of attention required to improve their skill level. Our challenge levels ensure that our students are progressing at a pace that is safe for their current development levels. Children can choose to specialize in one of four sports: tennis, basketball, soccer, mixed martial arts, dance and swim. The coaches provide a physical literacy assessment of each child at the beginning of lesson programs and camps and then place children in groups accordingly. The coaches take the time to really know all of the children. From the mini-star® stage to the mega-star® ranks, our sport instructors have experience coaching at every level focused on delivering expert instruction in each sport at Toronto Athletic Camps.


3377 Bayview Ave.

Richmond Hill, ON, M2M 3S4

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