Finding Our Power Together is an Indigenous-led non-profit organization supporting Indigenous youth to access support and relationships that enable them to thrive. We offer a variety of therapeutic and educational programs that foster community, increase capacity, and promote wholistic well-being. We strive to grow connections between Indigenous communities across Turtle Island in order to share a message of hope and solidarity, particularly to save our young people from preventable death. Our goal is to end Indigenous youth suicide by providing community crisis support, cultural psychoeducational programming, one-on-one mentorship, healing ceremonies, cultural healing camps, drop-in youth programs, research and resource development, and community training and support. We work as an interdisciplinary team of social workers, child and youth care workers, mental health providers, educators, traditional practitioners, and Indigenous and allied individuals to develop and facilitate mental health and educational programming to foster positive self-identity and leadership capacities in Indigenous young people to end preventable death and suicide in Indigenous communities. Finding Our Power Together collectively understands the value of bringing together young people and community members from various communities to share resources and maintain connections; we know we can find our power together!


664 Bloor Street West Unit 201

Toronto, ON, M6G 1L2

(416) 838-7802