2200 East Grass Lake Road Lindenhurst IL 60046 US

Date de début : jeudi, 11 mai 2023.

Horaire :

 Le jeudi de 18:00 à 18:55.

 Du 2023-05-11 jusqu'au 2023-06-29

 Gymnasium-South Side - B

Responsable : David Milostan - dmilostan@lindenhurstparks.org

Lieu : Gymnasium-South Side - B | 2200 Grass Lake Road, Lindenhurst, IL, 60046

Description :

Our adult classes release tension, develop total body fitness, build stamina, and overall productivity! In addition to self-defense skills, karate increases flexibility, cardiovascular endurances, and muscle tone, while improving core strength. (Fees per person)

Parent/Child classes are a great way to spend quality time with your child, while conditioning muscles, developing coordination, and improving cardiovascular fitness.




Disponibles :

Prix : 130,00 $ Taxes exonérées

Âge requis : 7 - 99 ans au jour de l'activité

Notes : -Uniforms and Belt-Testing are options available through the ISKC instructor. -Please note the Youth, Parent/Child, and Adult classes may train together.

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